Summer Term

Hello from inside of my summer class. I am teaching a short May term class. I love this class. It’s so organized and fast. The students go from 0 to 60 in 3 short weeks. However, because I broke my wrist while dancing too close to the mosh pit at the Built to Spill show in town, it is hard to type. So now that I’ve finished the four hours of commenting I had to mark on student papers, my wrist is not up to writing but if I don’t write, I might go a little crazy. So, I’m off to take some ibuprofen and write about Nina Simone on the Colorado and me and my sister on the road to visit the brine shrimp.

2 thoughts on “Summer Term

  1. Hello Ms Walker. Thank you for your NYTimes essay. Bravo! Finally!
    Moving the male assaulter to the subject in the active voice -> “A teenage boy raped you repeatedly when you were 10 and 11…” is what I’ve been asking journalists and my friends and acquaintances to do for years. The campaign to reverse the RoevWade decision state by state must never stop, and we must all help (voting, letters, donations, rallies, etc), supported by Kansas and the various legal battles as they continue country-wide. The world is watching.
    I would like to see a pregnancy test developed that includes the father’s DNA reported automatically, so responsibility and consequences are clear. It must be possible! Where are the STEM women who can make this happen?! Vasectomy and condoms are pro choice. Surely the journey to hold men accountable must continue in parallel , and will change the dynamic for the better.
    I have lived abroad for 35 years and enjoyed a more liberal democracy and social net, but was raised a Catholic in the western USA and understand – first hand – the poisonous hypocritical Catholic Church and its teachings.
    Let’s continue fighting for the right to reproductive healthcare, and a change in the accountability of men, starting with the active voice in the sentence : “…this man (name) raped/impregnated this woman…”, including developing the science to support it becoming as pedestrian as a pregnancy test for women.
    Thank you for your essay.
    CK Coombs


  2. Thank you for your essay in the NYT 8/21/22 “My abortion wasn’t by choice”. As a mother of an 8 year old girl residing in Sandy, Utah your piece resonated and I could not look away.


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